My Favorite Photo

This is one of my most favorite phots that I have taken. I snapped it while walking on Sunken Road one morning on the way to class. The rain, the trees, the fall vibes, to me it’s perfect. […]

Becoming a Better Photographer

To be honest, I am a very anti-filter person when it comes to taking photos. Whenever I take pictures, they are very simple and not complicated. So it is kind of difficult to find pictures I have taken with any of these different photography aspects. When being picky, I did pre-compose this specific shot in […]

Reflection on Photography

This past year, I have gotten a lot more comfortable and used to photography. Nothing really fancy, just using my iPhone. I am the secretary of the club tennis team here at school, which means I am in charge of running the Instagram. I take pictures at practice and tournaments and make the weekly player […]

Week 3 Reflection

This week I did 13 and 1/2 stars worth of writing assignments from the Assignment Bank. The first assignment I did was the Emotional Lyrics. This was a really quick, but enjoyable assignment to do. I am really passionate about music and I enjoy being able to write about and share my joys of music. […]

Story Analysis

The story that I chose to analyze is the show Arrested Development (but only seasons 1 through 3). The “I link, therefore I am” text talked about the idea of linear storytelling. This show does a really good job of making several different stories all connect to become linear. Each episode will follow separate sets […]

Long-Form Story Outline

I want to write a long-form story about the SpongeBob SquarePants episode “Band Geeks” and my friends and I’s ability to quote the entire episode. Intro: Background on the show overall and then specifically the episode. Any notable facts or points I can find about it Main talking points: The plot of the episode, the […]

Movie Review: Lady Bird (2017)

Writing Assignment: 3 and 1/2 stars *** When I first watched Lady Bird, I knew it would be my one of favorite movies. This is one of the few movies that I feel unbelievably seen in. The tumultuous relationship between Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson and her mother throughout the movie feels all too familiar to […]

To My Mom

Writing Assignment: 4 stars **** Dear Mom, As I have gotten older I have finally understood just how much you have done for me. It’s easy as a kid to take everything you do as a mom for granted, and sometimes now I still do that. I realize now how I haven’t taken the time […]